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"I AM A TREE" inspiring read

GOOD READS: “I AM A TREE” inspiring read

Available at lulu.

This book is a wonderful, full-colour, picture book to read to a baby or child. It also is a great gift book for any age! This book has many basic teachings about the unnoticed, seamless, pattern of life. It is for the very young and for very old. The teachings are foundational and instrumental in our growth and attitude for life. The ideas need only be heard or read regularly. They don’t need to be forced. Overtime, they will simply be rooted within the body, mind and spirit.

“I saw it on TV today” I watched NBC 10 today, my local news and saw a review on this book. My friend gave me a copy for my daughter. It’s just so wonderful. It’s a children’s book that not just fluff but has a nice idea behind it.


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