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20 Ideas to Celebrate Student Birthdays!

20 Ideas to Celebrate Student Birthdays!

Help your students feel special on their special day.  Who doesn’t love to be remembered on the day of their birth!  The smallest things really can mean a lot.  Below is a list of  20 ideas.  Some of these were shared by you all Kudoz4kidz subscribers!


  1. Birthday Song – Everyone sings Happy Birthday

  2. Teacher for the Day – Students love taking over for the teacher

  3. Compliments – everyone compliments the birthday student

  4. Teacher Chair – let the birthday student sit in the teacher chair

  5. Decorated Desks

  6. Birthday certificates.  Present it along with a birthday pencil.
  7. Birthday Crown

  8. Birthday Color by Code Greeting Cards – build math fluency with this simple activity and celebrate a student’s special day!  AVAILABLE AT TEACHERSPAYTEACHERS.COM – CLICK HERE.

  9. Birthday Placemats – Make your students’ day special by placing a birthday placemat on their desk

  10. Homework Pass – used for daily assignments.

  11. Read to the class about the day you were born.

  12. All About Me Poster – Let the student create a special all about me poster. Then, on the day of their birthday, have them share their poster with the class.
  13. Include everyone – Add 6 months to Summer birthday and celebrate on that date or let them pick a day..  Giving them their own day gives them their own sense of pride and ability to bask in their next year of life. We teach students to rejoice in what life is, so let each one get their moment.If the birthday student is from another country or speaks another language, dsing “Happy Birthday” once in their native language and once in the instructional language. 
  14. Birthday CalendarDuring the first week of school create a birthday calendar with the entire class.  This will be the birthday bulletin board. Above each month, put the students’ birthday.

  15. Write on the board – Ask students to write at least two or three things things they like best about the birthday student.  Make a list to put on the board, which stays there all day as a reminder of how special and valued the birthday child is.
  16. Birthday Bags – Every child loves getting presents on the birthday! So here is an idea that will not break the bank. At the beginning of the year go to the nearest Dollar Store.  Get little cellophane bags, pencils, erasers and a few trinkets. Then make a birthday bag for each student. When their birthday comes around, you will be prepared.
  17. Surprise Gift – A fun gift to give to students on their birthday is a surprise bag. Purchase one or more items (the dollar store or dollar tree store) and wrap the items up in different colored tissue paper.  Place the gifts into a basket and have the student choose whichever gift they want.

  18. Write the student’s name on the BIRTHDAY BOARD.

  19. The Surprise Box – Cover a small box with birthday wrapping paper and place a bow on the top of it. In this box place a birthday certificate, pencil, eraser, and a small trinket. When students enter the classroom have each person make the birthday student a card. Then at the end of the day when it’s time to celebrate give the student their birthday box. 
  20. Birthday Wish Book – Celebrate each student’s birthday by having the class create a birthday wish book. In this book have each student fill out the following information:
  • Happy Birthday:
  • My birthday wish for you is:
  • What I like best about you is:
  • Have a great birthday! From:

Once students have filled out their page for the book have them draw a picture. Then assemble all of the pages into a book for the birthday student to take home.

Share your other suggestions in the comments below.  Thank you!


activity with a birthday greeting card!  Available at TeacherPayTeachers.  Click Here.


  • Acknowledge student’s big day and celebrate with personalized cards while learning math!  
  • This is also a nice idea to acknowledge a a big birthday for the principal or another teacher’s; a friend’s or family member’s.

 Product includes:

1 – Coloring by Number CODE worksheet (with sums up to 10)

1 – Example Color Key

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