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Positive Affirmations for School Kids Meditation – New Day at School Theme

Positive Affirmations for School Kids Meditation – New Day at School Theme


Great for kids self-esteem.

Motivate kids and teens after a long weekend with mindfulness and positive affirmations!

Bookmark and use again and again Meditation starts at .34—- Fast Forward to it if you prefer.

Use this video:

-after a long weekend

-Monday morning

-for back to school
IMG_9594 IMG_9596


-after a school vacation

-After an activity when kids need to reset

-A nice children’s visualization to start a day

-Classroom Meditation Corner

-growth mindset activity

-An inspiration / motivational rant


-Inspire kids Images in this video are also on adults and kids shirts:



Namaste THE LIGHT INSIDE OF ME Yoga T-shirt:

Back to School – Fun, Fantastic and Unfinished Superhero:

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