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Growth Mindset, Law of Attraction, POSITIVE POSTERS

Growth Mindset, Law of Attraction, POSITIVE POSTERS

Growth Mindset, the Law of Attraction & Creation, POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS POSTERS

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Product Description

Growth Mindset, the Law of Attraction & Creation, POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS POSTERS

Nurture a growth mindset culture in your classroom. Mentor and motivate our future creators! Start new conversations about a growth mindset, the laws of attraction and creation. Help them to tap into the power inside each of them. The colorful designs and images are tied together with positive affirmations.


Students are surrounded by images in their everyday lives. 

The use of images in the classroom is a pedagogical method focused at engaging students that are bombarded with media in their daily lives. Teaching with images can also help students’ visual literacy skills and this will help with critical thinking. Teaching with images also assists the learners who are more visual-learners. Additionally, it helps reinforce ideas and concepts. Neuroscientists have found that imagery and perception share many of the same areas of the brain that function alike during both imageryand perception, like the visual cortex and higher visual areas. Haig Kouyoumdjian Ph.D. informs us, “A large body of research indicates that visual cues help us to better retrieve and remember information. The research outcomes on visual learning make complete sense when you consider that our brain is mainly an image processor (much of our sensory cortex is devoted to vision), not a word processor. In fact, the part of the brain used to process words is quite small in comparison to the part that processes visual images.”

Affirmation, Growth-Mindset, POSTERS are perfect for Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd,4th, 5thor 6thgrade or higher.

11 different affirmation posters (8.5″x11″), each with 3 different background themes – so you can decorate your room with all 11 from one theme or choose 3 or 4 from each theme and set up multiple areas in your room or bulletin boards.

There are 2 different colored versions of the Music Creation Slime Poster.

There is also lesson theme ideas for each poster concept included.

Please note that the designs are subtly different within each theme. Borders, images and colors may be have been adjusted slightly to work aesthetically within the different color schemes. However, the backgrounds are all the same within each theme.

The three themes of each poster are

· Rainbow

· Ruby

· Slime

Each affirmation (growth mindset focused) is focused on creation to help mentor, motivate and inspire our future creators!

Enjoy and please send feedback.

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Please be aware that purchasing this product gives the purchaser ONE LICENSE to this product. This allows the purchaser the right to reproduce this product for HIS/HER class ONLY.
• If other teachers would like copies of this product, please direct them to my store.
• You may not reproduce, redistribute, or post this item on a blog or website for download without permission. You may forward images with links from Kudoz4kids TPT store or and it is very much appreciated.
• Please be aware that copying any part of this product digitally is also in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
• You may not modify, copy, or alter this product in any way.
• Please spread the word about this product via social media or blog post. A link to the product, Kudoz4kids store or or is much appreciated. Thank you for investing in us!

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